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This site is a resource for its members, the national bar, and the industry to assist in locating experienced attorneys in each state.


"I have utilized the NAABLA directory to find alcohol law specialized/conversant attorneys all over the U.S. from Nevada, to Arizona, to Florida, New York, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois & Alabama. I have every time been impressed with the strength of knowledge, depth of experience, and direct interaction in advising me. Please keep up the GREAT work!"    - Winston H.

Attorneys interested in becoming Sustaining Members are invited to e-mail  NAABLA. The annual fee for a SM is $750. Multiple requests from one state will be considered in the order submitted.  Sustaining Members will, to the extent possible, receive priority listings in the order of their initial participation. Our FAQ's are available upon request to attorneys only.


Liquor license attorney or an alcohol licensing attorney  is an attorney who assists clients in obtaining alcoholic beverage licenses or permits in the states where the liquor, beer or wine permit or alcoholic beverage license is being sought by the client either at the retail,  wholesale, or manufacturing/importing  level. Beer, Wine and Liquor licenses and Beer, Wine and Liquor permits and the attorneys, lawyers and law firms that represent the hospitality industry across the nation are a vital part of the hospitality industry. Restaurant liquor license or restaurant alcohol license. Alcoholic beverage licenses  require a license or permit in every jurisdiction where the sale of alcoholic beverages such as liquor, beer, and wine are permitted. Obtaining competent legal advice on alcoholic beverage licensing matters can be of great benefit to the client whose business depends upon the sale of liquor, beer or wine.  Liquor licensing requirement are different in each state.  Legal assistance with licensing is available from attorneys and law firms for clients seeking licenses at all levels of alcoholic beverage license.  NAABLA members are here to assist with liquor license and alcoholic beverage license legal matters in the United States by connecting the potential client to a NAABLA member in the  state the client is interested in obtaining liquor license, beer permits, beer license, wine permits, wine license, winery, brewery, distillery  or some combination thereof.. NAABLA members represent that they are licensed to practice law in the respective state or states under which their  listing appear. NAABLA makes no warranties, expressed or implied,  or representations about the legal ability of its members. The listing information on attorneys and law firms doing alcoholic beverage licensing legal work is provided   by the  respective members and NAABLA is not responsible for the accuracy of the information in the listing. NAABLA policy prohibits the listing of any attorney or law firm without their expressed consent. NAABLA reserves the right to make the final decision about whether or not the provided information is in fact listed. There may well be other attorneys in any given state who may be as well or even more experienced in this area of the law than those listed by NAABLA. 

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